Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU)

A message to NICU parents about COVID-19

If you have a preemie, a high-risk pregnancy or a newborn with critical medical needs, you want to be assured that there’s a team in place ready to care for the region’s smallest patients.

The UMass Memorial Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has earned a national reputation for its family-centered care philosophy where families are an important part of their child's team.

What You Need to Know

  • More than 600 low-birth weight and high-risk infants are cared for annually.
  • Our NICU is internationally recognized for its quality care.
  • It is the region's only Level III NICU for high-risk obstetrical and neonatal care.
  • Our NICU has 49 beds, including 27 intensive care beds. Our 22-bed Special Care Nursery eases the transition to home as baby's health and well-being improve.
  • Our Birthing Center has 42 newborn beds.
  • We practice Kangaroo Care to promote the bonding of babies and their parents. View our brochure. 

Sổ kết quả xổ sốYou are encouraged to actively participate in the care of your infant, and join the medical and nursing staff in our daily rounds when we discuss your baby's treatment plans. Every infant is unique, and families are the most important and constant factor in an infant's life. Staff members respect and support the role of family as the primary caregivers for the infant's life.

An Environment That Improves Survival

Muted lights, minimized noise and an environment that encourages bonding earned our NICU benchmark status by the international Vermont Oxford Group, making it a model for other hospital NICUs throughout the world.

Sổ kết quả xổ sốThis type of environment, among other things, has been shown to improve the survival of critically ill infants and helps babies get better faster. We do this by:

    • Creating a soothing environment similar to the womb
    • Promoting parent and child bonding, critical to infant survival
    • Providing families and physicians the privacy that is sometimes necessary to manage the most difficult conditions in the Antionette McCabe Family-centered Suite
    • Reducing the external stimuli that can be stressors for newborns
    • Allowing physicians to perform more surgical procedures right in the NICU rather than in the operating room, minimizing the movement of the child from one environment to another.

Nicview Webcam System

Whether you need to be away for a night or would like to show a distant family member or friend the newest addition to your family, it’s now possible to stay connected via Internet connection. Learn about our Nicview Webcam System.


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